Our conspicuous brand - Super Garnet - is a non - metallic naturally obtainable mineral abrasive mined from the beaches of the Gulf of Mannar.


Ilmenite is a placer mineral found only in some parts of the world. It has a great demand for many industries for its utilities vary from pigment industry to steel industry.


Rutile is another major Titanium ore used in manufacturing of Titanium dioxide pigments, Titanium metal, a high-tech alloy owing to its light weight, high strength and resistance to corrosion.


Zircon, normally a transparent beige coloured glassy mineral, finds its place in many an industrial application worldwide. Starting from ceramic tiles and refractories to a range of high-tech applications, Zircon compounds have a very low toxicity and are not perceived as a potential environmental hazard.


The Sillimanite, also known as fibrolite is a stone that makes you feel delightful and fortunate to be alive. Sillimanite is highly exceptional and is found in two forms to include clear and glassy, or silky, and fibrous


Leucoxene is a fine granular alteration product of titanium minerals. It varies in color from yellow to brown. It consists mainly of rutile or anatase.

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